About the Journal

What is the CJRT?

The Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy (CJRT) is a peer reviewed, open access journal, indexed in PubMed Central that is owned by the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists (CSRT). We strive to publish manuscripts that describe effective interventions that increase access to and quality of clinical respiratory health interventions, including the organization and delivery of care in hospitals, the community, and throughout the continuum of care by health care providers. Our goal is to generate evidence and discussion to support more effective and equitable access to respiratory therapy and care for patients in Canada and around the world. While many of our contributors are respiratory therapists, we welcome submissions from all related health professionals and researchers.

How often are issues published?

The CJRT operates on a “rolling publication” model, or article-based publishing as opposed to issue-based publishing. When an article is in its final form, rather than waiting for the article to be in a print issue before it is technically published, the article is published in its final form online. The Version of Record will be the online article and accepted articles are cited using a volume and article identifier (DOI). The benefit to authors is that acceptance to publication time will be reduced and there is no more waiting for the article to appear in a finalised issue before it is technically published. This modern publishing model will allow our titles to achieve an even faster 'Speed to Publication', benefiting our authors in disseminating their research as soon as possible.

Who produces this journal?

The CJRT was previously compiled by Pulsus Group, who was sold in 2016 to a predatory publisher, OMICS. When this was discovered, the CJRT immediately terminated our contract and, as of Vol 52#4 (2016) we are working with Canadian Science Publishing. We did not publish any issues under OMICS. Please contact the Managing Editor ([email protected]) if you require permission to reprint an article, or need an individual PDF sent to you.